I'm Xitlalli, your tourist guide in Oaxaca. My city is amazing for its women, its parties, its music. I will make you have an adventure like no other.

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What to do with your tourist guide in Oaxaca?

Some of the things that I always like to do as a local person, is to ride a bicycle around the city. In the green and imposing mountains of the northern sierra or on the way to the beach, walking is a pleasure. Or, why not go to a party in the center of the city? With local people and good music for an afternoon of fun.

Of my favorite activities in Oaxaca is to visit the indigenous peoples to learn about their culture. Also their livelihoods, traditions and conversing with people in their own language is something that I like. Many communities do not speak Spanish as their first language but any of the 18 different native languages ​​of Oaxaca. I consider that the most important things during a trip is to live with the local people.

Where will I take you as a tourist guide in Oaxaca?

As a tourist guide in Oaxaca, I like to select the best places to eat authentic Oaxacan food, such as quesadillas de quesillo, pumpkin flower and huitlacoche. I like to try and eat everything.

There are some delicious dishes made by the women of Oaxaca called mole and also delicious corn tortillas made by hand on an old ceramic comal. I like to eat insects such as grasshoppers or maguey worms; They are an ingredient very appreciated in our food. Also, I can share a good mezcalpero also explain how it is made and how it is made.
Together we will taste the richest snows of Oaxaca, fruit waters and even drinks that are made here, from before the arrival of the Spaniards like e tejate (prepared with the flower and seed of cocoa) and chocolate.

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I like to find the most beautiful handicrafts of Mexico better elaborated, more authentic and original. I know the painters who have more recognition in the state, in ceramics the most ancient and expert craftsmen; in wood, the most renowned sculptors; and, in addition, I am the best at selecting which are the embroideries of the indigenous women that have better quality in the town, village or city. My advice will always be the best for you to acquire the best samples of Oaxacan art but also have the opportunity to know how he lives and the workshop of its author.

I am an expert on all roads in Oaxaca and in case there is an emergency on the trip I am very good at solving it. So I will make your travel experience the best one here in Oaxaca!

Besides traveling with me is combined with kindness, fun, good music and patience because during our time together there are no limits in conversation and questions, so that you really share your best travel experience in Oaxaca.